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Celebrating 40 Years in Business

I’ve recently had the pleasure of returning home to assist my parents with some changes in the business. If you’ve been in store over the last month you’ll have noticed some of the transformations; so firstly, thank you for your patience as we continue to improve our service.

Amongst the tasks I was assigned the planning of High Country Enterprises’ 40th Birthday celebrations. While I've mostly taken the business for granted, preparing for this milestone has made it abundantly clear to me what an astounding achievement my parents have accomplished.

As a peripatetic gen y-er, their endurance and passion to help build and support a strong local community for over four decades is unfathomable. They remind me that consistency and commitment provides vital reliability for others. I've seen many charities, sporting clubs, local families and businesses lean on them over the years and I am proud to see them respond with grace and generosity.

However, they would not be standing where they are today without the grace and generosity of this town.

Over 180 loyal and hard working employees have helped them serve the people of Moranbah; some of who continue to assist long after they have left.

I can't count the number of helping hands my parents have had from their friends and family during difficult or busy times. These celebrations were a perfect example; from lending tents, to helping set up, to baking cupcakes.

The members and work of the local Rotary and Quota club support the business and continue to be a source of enjoyment and purpose for Mum & Dad. They’ve also been continual examples to my brothers and I of the necessity of civic duty.

Each time I return home it is evident to me that there is an abundance of determined families and business in Moranbah who, despite the transient nature of mining towns, have and will continue to create a community that stands with each other and for each other.

I speak on behalf of my parents when I thank all of you, from staff members to customers and everyone in between, for support during our celebrations and the 40 years before.

A special thank you to Aliana and the team at 4FRM for amplifying our voice amongst the town not only on the day, but for years of support.

Finally, congratulations to Marcia and Grant (Mum & Dad) on this incredible feat. Thank you for everything you’ve given our family and this community over your 40 years of service at Mitre 10.

Chantelle Goulevitch

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